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Is Your Comfort Zone really a Fear Trap?

Are you living in your comfort zone?

If you are, let me ask you this… is it really a comfort zone? Or is it a fear trap in disguise?

What I used to consider my “safe place” or my “comfort zone,” I now realize was actually a FEAR trap. My HIDING place. I thought I was comfortable, because I t…

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Treat yourself like you love yourself... even if you don't.

Treat yourself like you love yourself... even if you don't. 

I'm not going to tell you to love yourself. We've all heard it, we all know we're supposed to do it. But quite frankly, it's not that simple. If it were, insecurities and depression would be much less common. Suicide would be more rare…

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a GOAL without MOTIVATION is just a wish...

I feel more driven right now than I ever remember in my life. And in so many ways, I don't even know where to begin. But I realized that so much of this drive comes from being motivated by the reasons behind my goals. My WHYs. That has inadvertently become my motto for 2016, focusing on my WHYs. …

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Effective Work = SERIOUS RESULTS

Feeling super excited about some serious results today!  I am wearing jeans that I bought a few YEARS ago and have never been able to wear.  I had bought them on clearance because they almost fit and I'd be able to where them "someday."  Over the years I went through times when I couldn't even get…

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Shakeology Review & INSANITY Progress Report

I LOVE my Shakeology! It's the easiest meal of my day which is enough for me to be happy about.  And it actually fills me up!  I really wasn't expecting that from a drink.  I've also noticed that my sugar cravings have decreased, and I have completely unintentionally been drinking MUCH less coff…

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So today was my first real day of INSANITY.  It surprisingly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Don't get me wrong, it kicked my butt and I had to take several breaks, but I guess I thought it might actually kill me. Have you seen the people in the videos?? 

The fitness test was a work…

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