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Hope for a Healthier Home in 2018


Hope for a Healthier Home is a {FREE} community for women dedicated to improving our health spiritually, physically, and mentally. 

It will be a judgement-free zone, a place to share your goals and struggles, advice and wisdom, prayer requests, and anything in between. A grace-filled place for you to work hard towards your goals without having to do it alone. 💕

These are the 4 main focus areas of this group:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Physical Growth
  • Self-Care
  • Personal Development

Spiritual Growth - a monthly devotional will be offered to anyone who would like to participate. This will be free through either the YouVersion app, or simply posted within the group. 

Physical Growth - the goal is to learn to treat your body like the beautiful creation it is, while also learning to love yourself just as you are, all while working towards a better, stronger version of yourself. There will be free workouts, nutrition plans, and healthy recipes, as well as the option to purchase more extensive programs* for those more motivated to progress in their fitness journeys. 

Self-Care - we will work on focusing on the importance of self-care. Life can be crazy stressful, and in the midst of all the chaos it is easy to neglect ourselves and get worn down. But just like we want to take care of our loved ones, we need to take care of ourselves just the same. 

Personal Development - This is something I used to push away like the plague. I thought it was a bunch of hippie nonsense, with cheesy self-help books that just confused people. I was so wrong. Over the past few years I have learned the awesome blessing of personal development through books and podcasts, and the great tools that they are for helping you through different obstacles and struggles that come with different seasons in life. 

I don't know about you, but I believe that a better me is better for everyone else around me. My husband, my kids, my family and friends, they all deserve my best. And I need to be healthy from the inside out to fulfill my purposes and desires in life! If you want the same things, I'd love to do this together. 

It doesn't matter where you are currently in any of these areas, I know that I personally have a lot of growing to do. We can only start from where we ARE. What matters is where we want to go.

💕 Kristin

*For information on more extensive fitness and nutrition programs, click on the {Find Your Fit} button below.


Ready for more?

If you're up for more - workouts, nutrition, a long-lasting healthy lifestyle - check out this link to find a solution that works for you, so that you can find YOUR "fit."