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Why it's SO DANG HARD to eat healthy... (but it's really not)

Eating healthy is SO not hard.  Yes, I said NOT hard.  I know that many many people would instantly disagree with me on that statement... including myself, until now.  And that's because I'm having a truth moment with myself.  


So then why does it feel so dang hard?  Well, because we don't WANT to.  We want to eat stuff that makes our taste buds happy.  And we don't like to be told that we "shouldn't" or aren't "allowed" to do certain things.  Including eating a freakin cheeseburger and fries and washing it down with a milkshake. 

Here's the truth that I faced today.  It takes, like, ZERO effort for me to grab an apple for a snack.  Mathematically speaking, zero effort = NOT HARD. 

But I want some chips.  And the chips also require zero effort to grab and eat. 

What is hard about eating healthy?  Saying "NO" to ourselves.  That is what makes it so dang hard.  

Nobody likes to be told "no" when they want something.  And when you're the one saying "no" to yourself, that can just be annoying.  Am I right?

Here's some tough love, for me and for you.  Choose what you want, and do what will bring you closer to that choice.  Do you want to live your life saying yes to yourself all the time?  Do it.  Do you want to live your life doing what's BEST for you?  Then you're going to have to say "no" now and then.  Not always, but more than you'd like to.

So if you say you want to be healthy and you just can't seem to say "no" to YOURSELF when you want a cupcake (that's right, it's not the cupcake you're saying "no" to, it's yourself my dear), then it's time to suck it up, buttercup.  Your results are determined by your choices.  So what are you going to choose?

XOXO ~Kristin

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