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How Shakeology SAVES me $$ each month...

I know that Shakeology has a stigma for being expensive.  When you look at the price tag, it does seem expensive.  I was SO close to not trying it myself for that reason, and was 90% sure I would end up returning it because I thought it would turn out to be a ripoff.  What can I say, just being honest.  But after biting the bullet and purchasing my first bag, I was surprised at how much it did NOT affect my budget at the end of the month... or the month after that... or the month after that... and here I am, a year and a half later, still drinking it.

Here's what I realized after that first month.  That I wasn't ADDING an expense by purchasing Shakeology, but rather REPLACING expenses. Yes, that's a plural "expenses" and I'll explain why.

I began drinking Shakeology as my breakfast.  From DAY ONE, I stated (and you can go back to my first ever post in this blog to check) that I was NOT giving up my coffee.  Not one bit, nope nope nope.  I was starting out on a journey to eating healthier and getting fitter, and sacrificing coffee didn't fit into that plan for me.  At that time, I was drinking a minimum of 2 cups of coffee before noon, and usually on a 3rd by the early afternoon.  Well, a week into my new Shakeology breakfast routine, I was finding that when noon came around, I hadn't finished half of my 1st cup.  I had more energy, and craved less caffeine and sugar.  Don't get me wrong, I still very much enjoy coffee and feel compelled to drink it everyday (call it an addiction), but as I sit here typing this at 2PM, my coffee from this morning is sitting on my desk all cold and nasty, still half full.  Hm.

Shakeology is also full of vitamins, which meant that I no longer had the need to purchase vitamins for myself.  Aside from vitamins, it's also packed with other nutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, protein, phytonutrients... lots of good stuff that I would have had to pay extra for if I wanted to include them in my new health and fitness venture.  I haven't researched what all of that would cost, and I'm not interested in checking.  But I know it would add up.

Lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, I was craving less during the day.  Not even just sugar, but just food in general.  I was more satisfied, less hungry, I began passing on sugar that was readily available with NO desire to eat it, I wouldn't grab a quick snack when I was out and about "just because"... and all of it adds up.  Not only in my budget, but in my health.  All those grams of sugar, all those extra calories... you can't outwork a bad diet.  You just can't. 

So basically, for me, this is what Shakeology replaces in my daily diet:

  • Breakfast or Lunch (and if you eat out for lunch at work, you're definitely spending more than $4 per meal... be real now)
  • Vitamins
  • At least 2 cups of coffee + creamer
  • Snacks/treats

For my numbers people, this is how it breaks down in dollar amounts:

  • 1 serving of Shakeology, as a customer, costs around $4.45
  • 1 serving of Shakeology, as a coach, costs around $3.85 (this is my cost)
  • 1 breakfast + 2 cups of coffee with creamer + junky snacks + vitamins costs around... it depends, but I was able to calculate that it's definitely more than $6 no matter what
  • 1 lunch order from the healthy cafe by my work costs around $10

No matter how I calculate it, Shakeology is a cost savings for me in several ways.  The reason it seems "expensive" at first?  We don't usually buy 30 days worth of breakfast or lunch + coffee/creamer + vitamins all at once.  I definitely had to take a different perspective in my monthly budgeting, but whether I spend $116 at one time in the month or spend $37 at 3 different times during the month, I'd still be spending the same amount at the end of the month.  I realized that when I spent the $116, I didn't have to spend the additional money throughout the remainder of the month, and it all balanced out in my favor at the end of the month because $116 is much less than I would have spent on everything else in smaller increments.

What it comes down to is this - When your body is properly fueled and you are receiving the nutrients you need, you crave less.  You have what you need, so you don't keep eating what you don't need in an attempt to satisfy missing nutrients.  Shakeology is really more than a meal replacement shake.  It's a nutrient replenishing, superfood, meal replacement drink that has literally changed my life. 

To try it with a 30-day money back guarantee, click here.  If you'd like to get a free fitness program with it, email me at

Worst case scenario, you hate it and get a free month of breakfast or lunch.  (There's a way to save $$!)  Best case scenario, it could change your life and health like it did for me.  And I would LOVE to see that happen for you. 

XOXO ~Kristin

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