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When Everyday Foods Become Your Enemy... The Invisible Special Need

It comes pretty naturally for (most) people to be understanding when it comes to visible special needs. But when it’s something they can’t see, especially when it’s something that they are unfamiliar with, it can be really difficult for some people to wrap their head around. They might ask questions, they might understand, they might be kind enough to try to help… they might be confused, they might look at you like you’re crazy, they might make rude comments, they might give you their “opinion” where there really is no place for one.

And when you’re a parent of a child with a special need that people can’t see, one that turns ordinary situations into life-threatening ones for your child, everyday life can be pretty terrifying at times.

That’s what it feels like raising a child with severe food allergies.

Food is everywhere that people are. E V E R Y W H E R E. When you really think about it, food is the thing that many people look most forward to at events or gatherings. We get together with people and go out to eat. We have parties planned around the foods that we will serve. People come over and we want to feed them. We visit people and they want to feed us. Wherever I take my kids, the first thing people want to do is offer them a treat. People love FOOD! They love to give it, they love to receive it, they love to share it, they love to eat it. No wonder food is freaking everywhere!

And that is why we need more food allergy awareness.

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