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Some of our FAVORITE Allergy-Friendly Food Brands

When people learn of the food allergies in our home, it's often followed with, "So what DO you guys eat?" or, "I could never live without such and such." 

I remember thinking similarly, and not knowing how we were going to learn to eat differently than we were. Over time though, we've figured it out, with a LOT of help from some amazing allergy-friendly brands. 

Here are some of our favorite pre-packaged allergy-friendly items. I only share these because they are seriously good! 


BFree Rolls & Wraps! 

I can't even begin to describe how awesome it is to have real bread and wraps that are both vegan AND gluten-free! There are plenty of gluten-free options out there, but all the ones I have found before have egg in them. So this brand became an immediate favorite when I discovered it.


Just. by Hampton Creek 

It IS possible to have vegan mayo and ranch that actually TASTES like mayo and ranch! I was sure that life just wasn't going to be the same because I'd never taste regular mayo or ranch again (I kid, I kid... I totally eat it when I'm not home... shhhhhh!) But seriously, this stuff is amazing. Even if you're not vegan or have allergies, you should try it.


Silk and So Delicious Coconut Milk and Coffee Creamer

Between the two brands, So Delicious is definitely my favorite. But Silk is awesome for coconut and almond milks. The So Delicious vanilla coffee creamer is ah-may-zing! Can't even tell it's coconut milk creamer when it's in your coffee. I've only had the vanilla flavor so I can't speak for the others, but I'm happy with the vanilla so I'm sticking to it.


So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative

Oh. Em. Gee. SO DELICIOUS! I've tried soy yogurt and almond yogurt from other brands, and they grossed me out so bad I couldn't even eat them. This coconut milk yogurt is the best - better than regular yogurt in my opinion (and I love yogurt!).



Van's Waffles

Plain or blueberry. Both awesome. I like to eat them with peanut butter, but of course if you're dealing with a nut allergy some good ol' vegan butter (which I forgot to include in this post, but Earth's Balance is the best - tastes like real butter) and pure maple syrup is terrific.





Daiya Pizza and Cheeze

Pizza for gluten-free vegans does exist! And it doesn't suck!! Does it taste like regular pizza? No. I'll be honest about that. But that doesn't mean it isn't good and doesn't make for a fun pizza party. My nieces said it tastes like spaghetti. I disagree, but I didn't care because they actually seemed to like it.

And the cheeze shreds are perfect for tacos! Comes in mozzarella, cheddar, and pepperjack style. 


Ian's Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets and kids. Need I say more? Oh, my husband loves them too. ;) 


Salad Dressings

These brands also have some dressings that are not allergy-friendly, but these two are SO good. Follow Your Heart vegan honey mustard and Tessamae's zesty ranch.




And now for some TREATS! 

Enjoy Life

The. Best. Baking ingredients. EVER! The chocolate chips taste like real chocolate chips, the soft baked cookies are amazing, and their brownie mix is unbelievable.  They also have these snack bar things that come in s'mores and cinnamon bun flavors that are awesome too.




So Delicious (again)

Ok, now these ones I can't say enough good stuff about. I prefer this ice cream to regular ice cream, and I don't have food allergies! And the cocowhip is just as good as regular whipped cream. I've tried the squeeze can of vegan whipped cream (I can't remember the brand) but it was absolutely disgusting. If you're looking for a whipped cream replacement, beware. I'm not sure who actually eats that other stuff, but THIS stuff is SO good.


Dandies Marshmallows

Better than regular marshmallows. Don't believe me? Try them. You'll never go back. I ate a regular marshmallow after eating these and it tasted weird. Like chemical weird. I can't explain it, but I dare you to try it.

Special Holiday Treat - So Delicious Holiday Nog
Ok. this is not a favorite. BUT, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that it actually tastes like egg nog! In small doses, for me anyway. Now I've always loved egg nog. Even when I was a kid and the other kids didn't like it, I remember always loving egg nog. But there is no way that I'm bringing it in my home now, so I had to try this one and was pretty happy with it. Again, I tried another brand before and it was a no-go. This is it for me. :)
So back to the question what do we eat? A lot of yummy things. :) But we certainly don't live off of the items on this list (in case you're wondering). There are plenty of allergy-friendly recipes out there that don't require wheat, dairy, eggs, or nuts. Just a simple salad, meat and veggies, chicken and rice, pasta (that's one thing I forgot to include above), etc. And there are definitely more items not listed above that are our go-to allergy-friendly brands. I'll share them and update the list as I can. 
And to my fellow food allergy friends out there, feel free to share what your favorite brands are!
XOXO ~Kristin

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