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Please Stop Telling Me I Don't "Need" to Workout...

…because oh YES, I do. And for reasons far more important than weight loss, clothing sizes, or physical appearance.

I think we all say it to each other from time to time, with good intentions:

“Why do you work out so much? You’re not overweight.” “Girl you don’t need to work out!” “Are you trying to lose weight? I wish I was your size!”

No no no no no. NO!

We’re sending the wrong message when we say these things, and we are missing the point when we think that it’s all about outer appearance.

First of all, we need to stop comparing. The comparison happens in an instant, right before the words fly out of our mouths. I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me I don’t need to work out, it immediately makes me uncomfortable. I start to feel the need to tell them about my cellulite and imperfections that they might not be able to notice. I start to pick myself apart, and that is an unhealthy thing to do. If someone makes a comment about being heavier than me, I feel guilty for the whole conversation (that I didn’t even start) because I don’t want them to compare themselves to anyone else...

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