The Fit and Fluffy Momma

embracing my 'fluff' while finding my 'fit'

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Transformation takes TIME and COMMITMENT

The picture on the left was from April 2014. I had NO idea how out of shape I was. The picture on the right is from March 2016. Not only was I happy about the changes in my body, but I felt proud of myself for my hard work. I felt stronger. I felt more capable of SO many things. I felt less self conscious. I felt, just, better overall.

Change does NOT happen overnight. If I expected it to, I wouldn't have made the progress I have. I'm thankful I started when I did, and thankful to be addicted to feeling good now and being a better me. Because me is all I can be. I'm still, and always will be, a work in progress. Not just physically, but in all aspects. And I hope to continue progressing for the best. ❤️

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