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21 Day Fix Extreme - Progress Report

I am on my 3rd attempt at doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme program, according to the schedule, while following the meal plan. The first 2 attempts I did not follow through on. They were both around the holidays, I didn't have good meal plans in place, I kept getting off schedule and/or missing the workouts, blah blah, excuse excuse, etc. (fail to plan, plan to fail!)

Today is day 8 of this 3rd attempt and I am feeling absolutely amazing! I've worked out everyday except yesterday, which was yoga and I could REALLY use the stretching in my muscles right about now. I never liked yoga. It was always just too slow and boring for me. But when your body needs something, you crave and appreciate it. I planned on doubling up on my workout tonight to catch up and do the yoga but ran out of time. So today was Plyo Fix Extreme, only the 2nd time doing this workout since starting the program this time around and I felt SO much stronger. Was able to stick with some rounds of exercises that I couldn't just a week ago, I could jump higher, and I just feel all around stronger and more capable. I'm down 2.5 pounds after only 1 week. I don't have my measuring tape right now because I loaned it to a friend so I can't check my measurements, but I definitely feel tighter around the waist. 

I have a 5k coming up this Saturday and I can't WAIT to see how I do. I can feel my legs getting stronger, and that makes me super excited to see if my running has improved. It's been a while since I've been out for a good run, so I'm really looking forward to it. I still plan on getting in my Dirty 30 Extreme workout on Saturday too... we'll see what happens. 

The meal plan has me eating MORE than usual. And it forces me to plan, which has been extremely helpful in many ways - eating healthier, saving time during the week, avoiding temptation to grab junky foods while I'm at work and on the go, having better meals planned for my family - all good things! The cookbook that coordinates with the meal plan helps a LOT too, especially since everything so far has tasted amazing and my hubby likes it too. Bonus! 

I really want to get into a morning workout habit though... and staying up until midnight writing about it doesn't exactly help. On that note, I think I'll be doing a sleep challenge soon...

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