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Why my children NEED me to workout...

I don't know how many time I've heard, how many times I've SAID myself, "I don't have time to workout because... my kids need me, I am too busy between home and work demands, I'm too tired when I do have some time, I feel guilty taking time to workout, blah blah blah." If anyone understands what it's like to be too busy, or to deal with mom-guilt, TRUST ME I GET IT!

Between working full-time, taking work home after hours, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, taking care of my kids, homeschooling, other kids' activities, other life demands... I know "busy", and I know "mom-guilt." 

But the truth is, we have time for what we MAKE time for.

I could still say, I DON'T HAVE TIME to workout. I really don't. I have to MAKE the time. I have to make it a PRIORITY. I could sleep until 6:30AM, or I could wake up at 5:45AM and do a 30 minute workout before I have to get ready for work. I could waste an hour in the evening watching TV and scrolling social media, or I can go to bed so that I am able to wake up earlier in the morning and do my workout. I could work around the house while my kids are playing Legos, or I could squeeze in a workout during that time. I could pull my hair out because my kids are going bananas in the house and we can't go out because the weather's bad, or I could turn on a dance workout and have them do it with me (because they LOVE it!!) 

And here's the real hard truth... 

My kids need me to workout. 

Wait... what? 

They need me to cook for them, clean up after them, grocery shop for them, teach them, take them to their activities, be patient with them, play with them, help them bathe, do their laundry, etc... 


I am MUCH MORE CAPABLE of doing all of those things when I am healthier, stronger, and less stressed. THAT is the TRUTH.

A 30 minute workout is a small fraction of my day that makes me much more effective at everything else that is required of me. And if I'm being honest with myself, all it requires of me is not wasting 30 minutes in other pockets of time throughout the day in order to find that 30 minutes. 

But what about the dreaded mom-guilt

It seems like no matter how much I admit that my kids need me to workout, that mom-guilt STILL creeps in. It STILL looms it's ugly head and tries to stare me down so that I don't push play, or lace up my shoes and go for a run, or get to bed at a decent hour because there's still much to be done (which usually turns into wasted time if I'm being honest, and this post is all about being honest right?). 


~*Taking care of YOU is taking care of the mother of your CHILDREN.*~

My mom said this to me not long ago, and it has totally changed my perspective. Think about it. Do you want your kids going to school and being taught by someone who is exhausted, impatient, and can't keep up with the kids in their class? If you have a nanny at home, do you want your nanny to be exhausted, impatient, and unable to keep up with your kids at home? Do you want your kids to suffer the loss of a loved one (family member, teacher, nanny, etc) because that person didn't take care of himself/herself? No! At least I sure hope not. 

Your kids need you to be around as long as possible. Your kids need you to be able to keep up with them. Your kids need you to play with them. Your kids need you to be patient, not losing your mind with stress. Your kids need you awake and functional, not exhausted and barely surviving the day on a constant flow of caffeine. 

When you feel better, you function better. When you function better, you are more efficient. When you are more efficient, your time is better spent and you are able to get more done. When you are pumping those endorphins, you are less likely to lose your mind with stress!

I told you, I STILL struggle with mom-guilt. But I have to come back to this truth. That my kids NEED me to workout. They NEED me to be healthy. And I NEED to be the mom that they need me to be.

You've got this momma. We're in this thing together! XOXO ~Kristin

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