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Mommy-friendly Weekly PRIORITY Tracker

I created this tracker to really set my LIFE priorities straight. And I love it so much that I decided to share!

First let me say what this is NOT.  This is NOT created to be a to-do list of anything and everything that you do each and every day. I tried going by one of those, and it was AWFU…

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A dream is just a wish, until you make it a goal...

If you've been following my FB or IG, you may have noticed that I've had some commitment issues with Core de Force. I tried to start it in November, but it was too soon after getting my appendix removed. So then I tried to start it again in this month, and I have my first half marathon at Disney com…

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Why my children NEED me to workout...

I don't know how many time I've heard, how many times I've SAID myself, "I don't have time to workout because... my kids need me, I am too busy between home and work demands, I'm too tired when I do have some time, I feel guilty taking time to workout, blah blah blah." If anyone understands what it'…

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