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You DON'T Always Get What You Pay For...

About 9 months ago I spent $140 on a fitness program and a meal replacement shake. At least, I THOUGHT that was what I was getting for my money...

What I DIDN'T know was just how much of an INVESTMENT that $140 was, rather than an EXPENSE. The difference? An investment provides a valuable return. An expense sucks up your money. 

That $140 was my initial deposit. What I got from it? Much more than a workout program and a meal replacement shake. I was placed in a challenge group with other women who had the same goals. To just be healthier. Not skinny. Not bikini competitors. Not body builders. Just healthy. We were all different shapes and sizes. Everyone was super encouraging and motivating. I couldn't NOT show up, knowing we were all in it together. I was no longer only answering to myself, and I needed that.

I found HOPE. When I took the plunge and bought the program, it was because I had lost hope for improving my health and fitness, and I desperately needed to find it again. I saw others' results from the program, knew I needed something I could do at home that wouldn't take a lot of time, and figured I'd give it a try. Money back guarantee, what did I have to lose if it didn't work out?

Each workout I do and shake I drink is another investment towards reaching my goals. But the rewards happens daily. In my personal health and fitness. In my challenge groups when I see other women working hard and getting closer to their goals. From my coaching team of amazing women working towards the same goals as I am, who understand exactly what it is that I'm working for. From the unlimited training that I receive from incredible people... training that not only pertains to working towards building a business of my OWN, a business that I LOVE... but training that also reaches into other areas of life. I have more than earned my financial investment back, all while just working towards improving my health physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.


My whole world has been tremendously changed by that $140. I was afraid that I would regret the "expense." And now, my only regret is that I hadn't invested in my health sooner.

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