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Shakeology Review & INSANITY Progress Report

I LOVE my Shakeology! It's the easiest meal of my day which is enough for me to be happy about.  And it actually fills me up!  I really wasn't expecting that from a drink.  I've also noticed that my sugar cravings have decreased, and I have completely unintentionally been drinking MUCH less coffee than I had been.  I used to drink 3 cups a day easily, and sometimes still want more (was feeling a little bit like an addict... just a little).  Now I find myself not even finishing 1 cup throughout the day.  And like I said, completely unintentional. I make it thinking that I'm going to want it and drink it, and I just don't.  Going into all of this I planned on changing my eating habits, with coffee being the one thing that I wouldn't be changing.  My body apparently decided differently.  I think it has a lot to do with the sugar cravings, because my coffee has to be really sweet or else it just tastes gross to me. 

As far as INSANITY goes, I have definitely not kept up with the schedule provided with the program.  But that doesn't mean it's not working, I am pretty happy with my results so far. Below are the results of my 1st and 2nd fit tests, and some of my numbers are higher than the ripped people in the video... now THAT makes me feel pretty awesome!  I am seeing some changes in my body, not sure they are noticeable to anyone else, but I know that progress is happening and that's enough to keep me motivated.  Already looking forward to the next fit test, can't wait to see my results at the end of this program!

One thing's for sure, slow progress is still progress! You don't have to work out 6 days a week to get results, just do the best you can.  If you are working, progress is happening... but you have to be working.  And you can only start where you are.  So start where you are, do the best you can, and when you start to see results you will thank yourself. 

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