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Hurricane Irma, Saying "Screw You" to the Hustle, and Digital Detox

If I learned anything from Hurricane Irma, it's to say screw the hustle and learn to unplug more.

The forecast had Irma headed straight for us, our family, and our friends. My heart is so thankful that all of us and our homes are ok... and yet so heavy for everyone who did not have the same results that we did. And I just can't wrap my head around the idea of "normal" right now. Life is crazy, I think that's true for all of us. But when you have the eye opening experience of facing a massive natural disaster, suddenly a lot of so-called necessary things seem a bit less critical.

There is so much focus on "the hustle" anymore. Hustle for success. Hustle for what you want. Hustle hustle hustle, or else you're a failure. Well right now I'm saying screw that. 

Life is short, and we don't really know just how short our time is. But that doesn't mean we're supposed to cram as much as we possibly can into our short lives. And being plugged in nonstop, constantly connected, takes away from everything we're doing. It reduces our focus and distracts us from our priorities. It creates unnecessary stress and anxiety. And while I am so thankful for social media and the ability to have kept up with family and friends throughout the storm, I'm also feeling the need to unplug a bit more right now. 

So, I'm doing this simple digital "detox" thing in a week, starting on September 25. It's not a complete digital shutdown, so I'm sure detox isn't really the best word for it (whatever), but it's hard and nearly impossible for those with work priorities and everything else to completely unplug from the digital world for 5 days. My intention is to create a more meaningful routine and environment with reduced focus on the digital world, to set boundaries on screen time, and to just slow the heck down.

Here's a link to join in - 5-day Digital Detox. And yes, it's on FB. Ironic? Maybe. But I promise it won't require a lot of FB time. ;) 

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