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Our Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving Menu

Well, I had previously posted the links to recipes that I was making for our allergy-friendly Thanksgiving meal, but just accidentally deleted the post. Grrrrr.

So here is an updated list. I didn't make the biscuits after all so that recipe is not here. And a couple of the recipes I had to change and do my own thing, so those are up on my recipe page. This is the final menu of what we enjoyed, FREE of all allergens in our home! (which was the BEST feeling of all!)

And for dessert...

Everything really turned out great! Better than I expected actually (except the fried onions on the green bean casserole... those were a little "well done"). This is definitely going to become a tradition for us, regardless of how many other gatherings we are attending. Having a stress-free feast for our little family was more enjoyable and relaxing than I thought it would be. I cooked all day long, all by myself, and it felt therapeutic in a way. This was my son's first real holiday meal, and everything was safe for him to eat. He only ate a few bites of it before asking for a sandwich, but I honestly didn't even care. It was enough to know that we could relax, that he could eat it if he wanted to, and it was how I remember holidays feeling before food allergies.

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