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Dear Exhausted Mom...

Dear Exhausted Mom,

When you look in the mirror and see wrinkles, tired eyes, post-childbearing "fluff," and stretch marks... I hope you remember all the moments that created them. And I hope you see them for what they truly are. Priceless.

Those wrinkles were earned, each crease with it's own story...

...the sleep that has been sacrificed from countless nights of cries and needs from your little ones. 

...the inescapable worry and endless prayers for things beyond your control. 

...watching your child face challenges that you've never known, and accepting that you can't do anything to take those challenges away. 

...the unlimited sacrifices, tears, and emotional roller coasters along the way.

But also...

...the joys.

...the laughter.

...the pride in watching your child reach new heights and overcome those challenges.

...the answered prayers.

...the peace that you would never have imagined in the unanswered prayers. Because it's a true test of faith when you have to "let go and let God" during hard times in your child's life.

Your face no longer belongs to that of a woman who has only to care for herself. It now belongs to a mother, a woman responsible for the life and care of another human being. And the meaning behind that is endless. The responsibility, tremendous. The value, priceless. 

Next time you look in the mirror, I hope that you see what your children see. Because they don't see wrinkles and flaws. They see the true beauty and strength that can only come from a mother's love. A love that begins in the heart and paints a picture over time with beautiful lines and brush strokes... a picture that may only reveal itself to those who deserve to see it. 

Be thankful for the woman that you see in the mirror. Because she is amazing.

From my momma heart to yours,


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